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The NFS have been at the forefront of the restoration industry for 35 years and have a wide understanding of the needs of both our clients and the policyholder.

Our professional services division is market leading in its approach to the management and settlement of property claims involving water and fire damage. Uniquely positioned to offer technical support to the lead adjuster, our expert consultants provide the assistance required to settle high profile and complex losses.

The following Restorative Consultation services can be used (pre, during or post restoration) to assess, minimise or potentially remove unnecessary costs associated with delays, overruns or secondary loss as a result of:

  • Poor pre restoration assessment
  • Betterment
  • Failure to identify pre loss issues
  • Unnecessary removal of affected materials
  • Failure to follow best practice
  • Poor project planning or management
  • Ill informed decision making
  • Lack of restorer knowledge
  • Incorrect type or volume of equipment

We specialise in but not limited to:

  • Complex losses that require a bespoke approach.
  • High Net Worth properties or properties with non-standard construction.
  • Properties of Historical Interest (Grade 1; Grade 2* etc.).
  • High profile policy holders or anticipated escalation to FOS complaint.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues (mould, sewage ingresses, heavy soot contamination).

We do:

  • Causation investigations
  • Project Management
  • Technical Drying
  • Leak detection
  • Structural moisture mapping
  • Stripping-out plans
  • Expert Witness

On average for every £1 our customers spend with us we have saved them £9 and we have saved our clients thousands of restoration hours; we are often told our assistance has been invaluable. We provide support that empowers you to make more informed decisions while controlling costs, reducing timescales and maximising customer satisfaction.

We generally offer 3 types of service but will endeavour to be flexible with supporting your needs so do please contact us to discuss.

technical site

A thorough onsite technical assessment of the property, its features, and the loss itself. We will carry out numerous tests, take photographic evidence and then bring together our findings, our expertise, and current standards to compile a full report with recommendations and conclusions to return to a pre-loss satisfactory condition or to fulfil the brief of our engagement.      

This would be beneficial for concerns with a pre-loss problem, controlling costs, unhappy householders, reducing timescales or anything that doesn’t seem right, and a second opinion is needed

Remote Technical Assessment

This is a thorough review of all paperwork without going to site, talking to the relevant people, and using our expertise and current standards we will assess the suitability of the current restoration processes, methods and procedures and review the appropriateness of charges and timescales to date. A full report will be tailored to your needs that contain our findings, conclusions, and suggested actions.

This would be beneficial for a claim that is dragging on, costs that are presenting high, collaboration between different parties are strained or stagnated or an expert opinion is needed to move the claim forward.

Project Plan and/or Management

We are ideally placed to plan, implement, manage and co-ordinate all the activities and resources required to resolve complex claims that need input from a variety of trades or to resolve to pre-loss conditions. We can manage the supply chain, take responsibility for communicating and reporting, be a focal point of contact for you and your policyholder and resolve issues that arise without delay. We provide a documented process with defined roles and responsibilities if necessary and recommend timescales that should be worked to including reviewing and reporting milestones. We can also just create a project plan so that it can be implemented without our management but gives you full control of the restoration programme.