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Helping householders with flood resilience is crucial in mitigating the devastating impact of floods on homes and communities. Our intention is to provide support and resources, so that householders can enhance their preparedness and reduce the vulnerability of their properties.

We will update this page as we collate and create information, courses and guidance covering effective measures relevant to the periods before, during and after flood events. These will include; property flood resilience (PFR) strategies and PFR products such as flood-resistant building materials and techniques, and any other relevant or useful resources that emerge out of collaborations with government agencies, community flood organisations and residents themselves. Our aim is to foster a culture of flood resilience and safeguarding households from the destructive consequences of flooding.

Download the Code of Practice, supporting guidance and a fact sheet for households and businesses here.

Rivercraft 2: the game engaging young people on flood risk

Rivercraft 2, a suite of games launched today (25 April), will help to educate children and young people about the risks of flooding – and inspire young people to careers where people can make a difference.

Produced by a partnership of the Environment Agency, Microsoft and developers BlockBuilders to engage young people on flood risk reduction, climate change and biodiversity, the games provide an innovative and exciting geography resource for students and teachers.

The launch of Rivercraft 2, available on the Minecraft Education Edition, follows the success of the original game, rolled out last April and based on the £54.7 million flood risk management scheme in Preston and South Ribble. The in-game Preston world represented the first use of artificial intelligence to map a region and convert it into an interactive Minecraft map.