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Please find the documents to download for the IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician course.

It is best to print all documents for ease, but if you wish to save paper and ink then the workbook is best printed off so you can fill in the answers to homework and it be easily readable when we go through answers in class.

The manual is for information and helping complete the workbook homework so not necessary to print off as you can use it on screen but makes it a lot easier to do the homework if it is printed.

The Presentation is for your Information – it will be shown on screen during the course but can be helpful to print off and add notes to the slides as the course progresses and keeps the notes all in one place.

The testing procedures doc is part of a demo that the instructor will give – you can have a go at home when he gives the demo if you have a lighter and some of the samples listed.

Prior to the course please check your camera and microphone are working, if you are taking the exam you must be visible whenever you are in a session and not on a break so that we can verify you were there for all parts of the course as part of the qualification.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be in your ticket email, once you click on the link you will need the meeting I.D and password and will sit in a waiting room until we let people in the room, so, please do log in a couple of minutes early so we can help anyone with technical issues and are ready to start at 9am.

If you have any issues with logging in on the day, please ring Ruby on 01420 559955 or Gemma on 07957 855643 or you can email us

Don’t forget to register for your exam before the course if possible by clicking here click sign in and create an account, if you get stuck download the detailed instructions here.