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Water Damage Awareness Day

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*Updated this year to include the demonstration of Property Flood Resilience products*

Students experience a flood in our controlled “flood house” environment and get directly involved in the methods and techniques used in the assessment, control and drying, enabling them to question restoration technicians confidently and gain empathy for the insured with experience of equipment noise, smell and seeing the constraints that are faced within a property. There is an understanding of customer service excellence in a wet peril loss weaved through the learning and with a focus on keeping costs down. 

This unique one-day course has been structured around an actual loss scenario and through the use of both classroom training and hands on activities a student will experience all aspects of a loss from initial flooding, policy holder claim registration, through to water extraction, cleaning, and drying.

This course is designed specifically to give practical experience to those in the claim process who rarely get to see the “sharp” end of flood restoration and therefore is ideal for claims handlers or any office staff that don’t go to site but need an understanding of the capabilities and methods used by restorers on site. We have had attendees from accounts personnel through to insurance Claims Directors and everything in between and always with excellent feedback no matter their job role.

Constructive feedback is extremely important to us as it helps us continually develop our course material to meet the growing and changing needs of the industry. The feedback that we have received to date proves that we are delivering over and above our customers expectations. Attendee benefits include a greater confidence in understanding claims costs, swifter claims processing and settlement, reduced claims leakage and secondary losses, faster identification of fraudulent claims, a more distinctive and competitive service and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An FCII qualified, Chartered Insurer, who attended the course, gave us the following feedback:

“This unique course offers a remarkable insight into the science and efficacy of restoration. It revealed an embarrassing eye-opener for both claims directors and procurement managers into the true impact on claims service and particularly, the excessive cost penalties experienced by insurers, contributing to significant and unnecessary claims leakage. This course is a revelation and provides a deep understanding of restoration best practice.”

One Day Course: 10am-4pm, lunch and refreshments are included

No Field Experience Required

No Pre-requisites For This Certification

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